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Strength and Love

Mama Lisa

Homage to the ones who made Brave sacrifices to bring us into this world and gave all they had to raise us to become the strong women and men we are today


Brave Stories

Real life stories of individuals that move, motivate and help you find the courage to become the best version of yourself.
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The BRAVE Year

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The Story

Bravery lives in many shapes and forms. For a long time, I felt like my feelings and emotions were sinking and choking in me. All because I didn't have the courage to block out others' opinions and just do what I really wanted to do. I haven't stopped being afraid of all the noise, but I've learned to be brave in the face of that fear and live with it.

Behind the BRAVE collection is a big call to everyone to not let your fears stop you! In everything you do, just do You and do it all for You. Find the courage to love yourself just as you are. Because how do you expect to give love to others when you do not have any? Through your bravery, you can definitely make this world a better place. For this brave year, we are taking this mantra with us:

It's not the Good, the Smart,

or the Rich one who wins in life....
It's the BRAVE one!

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