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The word “Urbeon” originates from two words, “Urban” for the lifestyle we represent through our brand and “Neon” for the colourful nature of African patterns which also represent African heritage, something very dear to us. Urbeon as a brand was inspired by the need to make African clothing available outside its borders, making natives feel home even when away from home. More than anything we want to change the current narrative where a lot of people believe nothing of quality can come out of the African culture.


We want to share the beauty in African prints with the rest of the world. We do this through contemporary streetwear.


Whilst we are combining African prints with contemporary streetwear, we want our clothes to have a rather decent and minimalistic touch of the African prints because even in the smallest details, they remain beautiful and colourful(it just doesn’t go unnoticed). Doing this and simultaneously meeting the standards of quality streetwear which can be worn daily is the goal. 



A wise man once said, “You need to know where you are coming from to know where you’re headed.” We want people away from home to reconnect back to their roots. We wish to accomplish that with all our collections and products.


To feel in control and free to be whoever you choose to be is the kind of vibe we want to give out. We want people to feel a sense of belonging when they dress up in our clothes. 


A lot of people struggle with so many insecurities, inferiority complexes and identity crises and we plan to solve that in the little way we can through style and fashion. We want people to feel comfortable in their skin, despite race or size. People need to be aware of the beauty and rich cultures that come from that part of the world and that drives us to do the best we can.

Team Work

There’s a saying that goes, two heads are better than one. With that in mind, we wish to collaborate with African natives to come up with the brightest of ideas and designs. This will permit us to give back to our community in the little way we can, thus providing a source of income for African creatives.


In a not too far future, we see ourselves expanding production to Africa because we see it only right that the source of inspiration of our brand, Africa, should play a key role in our vision. We hope to see this come true as soon as possible.


  • Versatility
  • We bring versatility and style to all our collections

  • Quality
  • All of our products come with guaranteed comfort and quality

  • Great Customer Service
  • We don’t take feedback for granted as we aim to keep getting better and our customer service is always available to address your concerns within a short time.


    Lionel Njefi


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