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The story of URBEON and what it stands for goes beyond the
comfort and satisfaction in quality apparel. It's more of a message
of confidence, courage and self-love.

The year 2019 marks the birth of URBEON, the African-inspired
streetwear brand founded by Lionel Njefi, a young African entrepreneur
living in the German harbour city of Germany and his co-founder
Nelly Chick, an upcoming businesswoman based in Minnesota, USA.
The name URBEON comes from the combination of two words:

- URBan, for the brand's lifestyle and                      

- nEON, a word we chose to describe the beautiful
colourful nature of our African patterns.


At URBEON we believe that our cultures and traditions are an integral
part of a person's identity, an identity we should all be proud to
carry. Making this identity available to those who belong to these
cultures as well as its admirers stands at the core of our endeavours.
This is a goal we achieve by merging these beautiful prints with
high-quality streetwear clothing, thus giving you a taste of home away
from home.

We wish to give you the courage to love and appreciate your culture and
accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.
We wish to portray our pride in our culture and share it with all those
who see the beauty in it, irrespective of where they're from.
We gladly show you the outcome of combining the power in the beauty of
colours with the taste of true quality.