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URBEON - A streetwear brand which is set to bring a wave of change in the fashion segment. We create clothing which connects the emotions from the streets, making them with love and care. Exploring the heterogeneous cultural patterns to assimilate the essence of these manifold designs into a savvy piece of clothing is where our intent lies.

We believe that our cultural traditions are an integral part of a person's identity and the fabric must mesh into their persona. The intricate art of meshing the designs of a particular culture has the power to cement its rich cultural aspects on the pedestal of the market.

We want to embrace the aesthetic aura of cultural patterns in our premium quality street-wears. Our aspiration is to bring about a breath of fresh air to the culture, breathing new life into it with authentic traditional patterns, bringing colour and zest to simple street-wears.


Our Goal

We aspire to follow the recent trends wherein the cultural sense and concepts fuse to give the customer a taste of both. We sweat it out to gift you a wide range of exclusive, smart contemporary street-wears. Making you stand-apart among the masses is what our aim is and your satisfaction is our reward per se.

Currently we are infusing African cultural influences in our urban street-wear. The Adinkra masks, traje print, kamer print are some of the prints we are thronging the market with and trying to establish a presence


Flex-It with Your Killer Attitude

Our unique collection is an adept addition to your wardrobe. We have a stylish set of clothing line for both men and women who look smart and chic when they put on our garments. At URBEON, there are various ranges of T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, and Accessories to complement your groovy style quotient.

Here, you can get apparels that fit your style flawlessly. There is a huge range of clothes bordering on which mode you want to buy it for – Be it for relaxing, regular, or for normal and slim fit purpose.


Our Mission

URBEON’s intention is to buzz with activity in such projects of augmented quality in those regions where people are less privileged to get recognition. We aspire to become the bridge for very talented African designers in addition to styling our customer’s day, flaunting the beauty in our cultures and becoming a name to always remember. Our mission is to present a platform for these classic artisans where their traditional crafts and illustrations will have a prestigious place on our apparel.


Our Vision

Our mother earth provides for us all. At URBEON, we envision of venturing back to a cleaner ecological society in order to benefit our planet with all of our endeavours. Together we have the potentiality to change the world for greater good. All for one, one for all.


Our Location

URBEON offices are located in Hamburg for European market and Minnesota for the US market. Our stylish craft will glide into millions of hearts as we soon plan to launch an office in an African country as well.