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URBEON - For The Brave

Have you ever felt like you are meant to be more
than the world thinks you should be?
Have you ever felt so lost for having lost track
of where you come from?
Have you dreamed of staying true to your roots
but society keeps telling you otherwise?

If so, then URBEON is a manifestation of your story.

The story of URBEON and what it stands for goes beyond
the comfort and satisfaction in quality apparel.
It’s a message of confidence, courage, and self-love.

URBEON has been wrong from its birth. We merge
our roots and culture into an exclusive fashion lifestyle,
creating a lane that wasn’t planned for.

We are breaking the norms and patterns designed for
the status quo, and that has been the narrative
throughout the history of our community.

We stand for

You who know your worth and go for more,
You who know you deserve more than society offers you,
You who grind every day to become
the best versions of yourselves and last but not least,
You who know where you come from and stand by it with pride,

for only when you know where you’re from
can you know where you are headed.

The Definition

The name URBEON is a combination of the words
URBAN for the lifestyle in our expressions, and
NEON which we use to describe the colorful nature
of the cultural prints of our roots.

We acknowledge the space for our roots in the
streetwear culture, thus defining a new lane.
A new lane for all underdogs in the eyes of
society who deserve to be more than champions.
Those who find greatness in being unique
and come out victorious against all odds.


At URBEON, we believe that our roots and cultures
are an integral part of a person's identity,
an identity we should all be proud to carry.